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Aheibam Diana Chanu
Artina Thoudam

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Manipuri cinema: The leading actresses

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Manipuri Cinema

Pictures of modern Manipuri actresses below this have been arranged in the alphabetical order, broadly by their first names

(Surja) Bala Hijam also acts in South Indian films
Deviya/ Tina Chingtham
Ibethoi Thokchom
Ibethoi Thokchom
Itali Soibam
Itali Soibam
Jenifer Loukham. Photo: ManipurPage
Kamala Saikhom. Photo: ManipuriActressGallery
Kamala Saikhom
Kripa Salam
Lin Laishram
Manda Leima
Maya Choudhuri
Momoco Khangembam
Motibala Laishram
Ningthoujam Reena
Pushparani, singer
Soma Laishram. Photo: ManipurPage
Soma Laishram
Sushmita. Photo: ManipurPage
Tonthoi Leisangthem Devi
Tonthoi Leisangthem Devi
Artina Thoudam

The leading actresses of 21st century Manipuri cinema

Abenao Elangbam

See Abenao Elangbam Shak ym phjeiya kei chage shak phjnba

Aheibam Diana Chanu

Height: 5'2”

Birthday: March 28

Educational Qualification: 10+2 from Thambal Marik College

Filmography: "Minambagi Phajaba" "Leichinglakki Thaja" Ichagidamak" and several music videos.

Artina Thoudam

Also known as Guneshwori and Abe

Parents: Thoudam Bihari and Thoudam Ongbi Loidang Devi

Height: 5’ 4”

Birthday: March 22

Education: 10+2

Filmography: Autobiography , Thoi , Apaiba Leichil , Punshi Chuppa Nangse Eigini , Chakthekpee, Khomlang Laman , Nungshi Lamjel , Pizza

(Sur) Bala Hijam

See Bala Hijam

Binata Laishram

Height: 5' 2”

Stage debut play: ‘Apunba Saktam’

Acts in Doordarshan serials

Acts in Video Albums

Filmography: "Kaorage", "Dr. Yaima", "Lonna Lonna", "Meera Memcha", "Oiramle Mahaktumak", "Lucy Kamei"

Deviya/ Tina Chingtham

Birthday: March 24

Height: 5'5”

Education: PGDBM at ICM, Imphal, Diploma on Aviation and Hospitality Management

Address: Haobam Marak Chingtham Leikai, Imphal

Filmography: Film: "Mikithi-II"; Video: "Khujina Sikanbi".

Ibethoi Thokchom

Aka: Thoi

Parents: Thokchom Sashikumar Singh and Thokchom (ongbi) Radhamani Devi

Address: Khagempalli Nganapithong Panthak

Birthday: April 22

Education: BA (English), GP Women's College

Height: 5'5

Itali Soibam

(There are two photographs but no text.)

Jenifer Loukham

Parents: Loukham Tondon Singh and Loukham ongbi Puinabati Devi

Birthday: December 25

Height: 5'2

Videography: Nangna Nungshi Kaina

Filmography: Lamjel, African Leisabi

Kamala Saikhom

Film actress and film director

Height: 5' 5”

Birthday: 27th Jan

Filmography: "Nungsee Hekta Hairagey", "Nangsu Mounee", "Shakthibi Tampha", "Khujee" “Lalibadi Eini”, “Ta Tomba”, ”Akhunba Mani”

Kripa Salam

Birthday: January 27

Height: 5'2”

Education: 10+2 from Oinam College

Address: Moirang Khunou

Filmography: Film "Meirinate Liklani;" several music videos.

Manda Leima

Height: 5' 4

Birthday: 22nd March

Filmography: Engengi Atiya, Angangba Kuraogi Mapal, Nanga Mama Oubiyu, Thengmangkhare Thabalse, Ayuki Likla, Enga Nonglakta, Lalibadi Eini (The Sky of Autum) Part 1 and 2. Kaboklei.

Maya Choudhury

Height: 5’ 4”

Date of Birth: 3 March

Filmography: Basantagee Nongallamdai Part I, II, III, Shakhenba Bhoot

Motibala Laishram

Height: 5' 3”

Filmography: "July 23" and "Autobiography" (supporting actress)

Soma Laishram

Address: Haraji leikai, Imphal

Birthday: 5th January

Height: 5'3”

Qualification: BA English (Hons)

See Soma Laishram

Ningthoujam Rina

See Ningthoujam Rina

Sonia Hijam

Height: 5' 5”

Born in: 1988

Filmography: Naughty Girl, Best Friend, Telanga Mamei, Mamoudo Hingchabido, Leibaklei


See Sushmita Devi Mangsatabam for biographical details, photographs and titles of major songs.

Tonthoi Leisangthem

See Tonthoi Leisangthem

The best actresses

Angomcha Bimol Akoijam writes: Maya, unlike in her other films that I saw during the festival, also gave an equally commendable performance in the same film. She essayed a difficult role almost to perfection by not giving in to the loudness of melodramatic acting.

She would give Manda who gave a life time performance in the film Lallasi Pal, a run for her money. Manda’s performance in the said film is an exemplar of how one enters under the skin of the character. Indeed, Manda is not Manda but Leihao in Lalasi Pal.

Binata, an immensely talented actor, did not make these two performers go unchallenged. Despite the constraints imposed on her by the script and directorial flaws, she showed her acting prowess in films such as Kaorage, Lonna Lonna and Meera Memcha.

And Seema still reminds us that she is one of our incredible performers. The maturity of a seasoned actress is what we saw in films such as Kalpana and Eidee Chatle.

While Devita (Athengbada Pharakpa Thabal, Laibaki Chandan) displayed her inherent versatility, actresses like Sonia (Tellenga Mamei) and Kamala (Sakthibi Tampha) also showed that they could give commendable performances under the right guidance of able directors. e-pao and The Sangai Express, January 31st, 2008.

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Manipuri Cinema

Manipuri cinema: The leading actors

Manipuri cinema: The leading actresses

North-Eastern cinema

Abenao Elangbam

Bala Hijam

MA Singh/ Maibam Amuthoi

Premjit Naoroibam

Tonthoi Leisangthem

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