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Mansar Lake Project

An overview: 2020

November 2, 2020: The Times of India

Mansar Lake Project: All you want to know

SRINAGAR/NEW DELHI: Jammu and Kashmir lieutenant governor Manoj Sinha and Union minister of state (Independent Charge) for development of north eastern region (DoNER) Dr Jitendra Singh on Sunday inaugurated Mansar Rejuvenation and Development plan through virtual mode. We will explain what is Mansar Lake and how the project will help the region culturally as well as financially.

Where is Mansar Lake?

Among the many lakes dotting Jammu, the Mansar Lake, located 37 km from the main city, is a rare beauty.

According to Times Travel, "Mansar Lake is no ordinary lake but a blessed site where the gods live". It is believed that the sanctity of this lake is equivalent to that of Mansarovar Lake of Tibet because its water has the power to absolve a person of his or her sins.

Newlyweds consider it auspicious to perform three circum-ambulations (Parikarma) around the lake to seek the blessings of Sheshnag, the lord of serpents, whose shrine is located on its eastern bank. Certain communities of Hindus perform the Mundan ceremony (First hair cut) of their male children here.

The location of this lake is in the middle of a dense forest, hills and small gardens. There are two old shrines located at the site of Mansar Lake – Umapati Mahadev and Narasimha Temple as well a temple of Durga Devi.

There are 207 species of algae, 15 species of waterfowl and seven varieties of fish living in the lake. For those who wish to explore the lake on a boat, there is a good set-up for that too, Times Travel adds.

What are the salient points of the Mansar Rejuvenation and Development plan?

After implementation of this project the number of tourists/pilgrims will increase to 20 lakhs per year from 10 lakhs in the Mansar region, according to the ministry of personnel, public grievances and pensions official release.

Mansar Rejuvenation Plan will lead to employment generation of about 1.15 crore man-days, the minister said.

It will generate more than Rs 800 crore of income per year.

Centre has given Rs 706 crore for tourism sector, the Lieutenant Governor said.

He termed it as an immensely important project which will attract tourists to Mansar Lake and its flora and fauna.

A multi-pronged approach is being adopted to bring Jammu and Kashmir as one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the World Map," he added.

The Mansar Lake Development plan had to wait for 70 years, the minister added.

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