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NOIDA: History

[ From the archives of the Times of India]

Lalit Kumar, Times Of India, Delhi, May 5, 2007

Greater Noida: A four-and-a-half-foot-long object recovered from a construction site in Greater Noida on Thursday has now been confirmed to be a cannon from yesteryear.

Surajpur police station chief Ashok Pal told Times City: ‘‘We have got a linguist to look at the inscription that is there on the cannon. He has confirmed that the language is Persian of a type used over a century ago. He only told us that the date inscribed on it is 1880 AD.’’

The cannon is about 250 kg and is about 18 inches in diameter. It is made of a metal, or metal alloy, that is a shade of yellow. The fact that the year 1880 is inscribed on it has stirred up area residents because it has been discovered exactly a week before the anniversary of the 1857 Mutiny.

A police official said that the archeological team from Meerut, which had earlier been invited to inspect the cannon, has gone on some other assignment. So, another team from Agra has been called in and they were expected to arrive in Greater Noida late on Friday night.

According to official sources, the cannon was discovered when the area was being dug up for laying the foundation for a block of apartments in Greater Noida’s Pi Sector. Police officials were at first hesitant to declare it a cannon. One had actually said it seemed to be a truck axle.

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