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A profile

Jhimli Mukherjee pandey, IIT-Kharagpur alumnus wins `Tech Oscar', Jan 9, 2017: The Times of India

An IIT-Kharagpur alumnus has won the presti gious Techni cal Achieve ment Award (the Scientific & Technical Awards prize), popularly called the `Technical Os car', awarded by the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences.

Parag Havaldar, who graduated from IIT-Kharagpur in 1991 with a degree in computer science and engineering, has been awarded for “the development of expression-based facial performance-capture technology at Sony Pictures Imageworks“.

A software supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks, Havaldar leads the team in the area of performance capture.The technology developed by him and his team has been used to create stylised and realistic character animations.

Havaldar's popular works include Watchmen, Green Lantern, The Amazing Spider-Man and Beowulf. He was awarded a certificate from the Academy at Beverly Hills on February 11.

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