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2017/ recipient of Whitley Awards

May 20, 2017: India Today

Assam's renowned environmentalist Purnima Devi Barman has won the prestigious Whitley Awards, also known as the Green Oscars, for her efforts in conserving greater adjutant storks. "I am happy that our work has been recognised. It was only made possible with the cooperation from everyone. I want to share my happiness with everybody associated with the work," Barman said from London after receiving the award there.

Barman had received the award on May 18 from Princess Royal Anne, who is the patron of the Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN).

Barman is associated with Aaranyak NGO that works for wildlife conservation. She has been working with Dadara, Pachariya and Hingimari villages of Kamrup district to save the greater adjutant stork, locally known as Haargila in Assam.

The global population of greater adjutant storks is estimated between 1200-1800 and around 800 of them are found in Assam, and another 150 in Bihar.

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