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Sangeeta, Pakistani actress, director




Erum Rizvi

Perveen Rizvi, who was born in Karachi, proved to be an intelligent girl from her earlier days.

Her father, Syed Tayyab Husain Rizvi, provided her a good home environment. Hence, little Perveen's talents grew rapidly.

Perveen's mother, Mehtab Rizvi, had been affiliated with the show business in her times.

Additionally, Perveen's younger sister, Nasreen Rizvi and her brother, Raza Ali, were also associated with the Pakistani cinema, when they grew up.

Actor-director Rehman discovered the hidden acting talents of Perveen. He offered her a role in his film 'Kankgan'.

Perveen's parents agreed to it. Since Perveen herself was too young to make her own dicisions.

Her name was changed from Perveen to Sangeeta and she debuted in the film 'Kankgan' in 1969.

Starring, Sangeeta and actor-director Rehman. 'Kankgan' was shown in the jubilee cinema, Karachi. After an impressive start, she began appearing in films.

In the year 1969, Sangeeta also worked in the film 'Koh-e-Noor', as a child star. Cast, Zeba- Sudhir- Alauddin- Saloni- Sangeeta. Directed by Agha Husaini. From that point on, Sangeeta was a movie star, appearing in a string of hugely popular films. Sangeeta is that one artist, who excels in all avenues of acting. More importantly, she took pride in living.

She moved to Lahore in 1971 and resumed her film career. In 1971, she played opposite actor Jamal, in the film 'Garhasti', directed by Nazar Shabab.

Later, she worked as supporting actress opposite Shahid, in the film 'Ilzaam'. Starring, Sangeeta- Zeba- Mohammad Ali- Shahid, directed by S.Sulaiman.

Sangeeta, an adept actress, traded smiles and knowledge with almost every one in the Pakistan film industry. She also worked in the following three film by director S. Sulaiman, 'Baharoan ki manzil', 'Anari' and 'Dil aik khilona'.

She used the vantage that came from experience. Moreover, Sangeeta did a wonderful job in director Shabab Kiranvi's film 'Dil aik Aa'ena'.

There are few gifts greater than friendship. Below is one such gift:

Her superb performance in visionary director, Riaz Shahid's movie, 'Ye Aman', which was released on November 20, 1971.

Sangeeta used her skills to invigorate every co-worker, who shared the enterprise with her. One of her greatest achievement was to come up with magnificent performances in the seven films below: 'Waardaat', directed by Diljeet Mirza. 'Waaris' directed by Waheed Daar, 'Khuda tay maan' , 'Khoshia', 'Ajda maheen waal', 'Muqaddar', and 'Joora' directed by Haider Chaudhry.

The film 'Naag muni', spot lights one of Pakistani cinema's multifaceted talents. ('Naag muni', 1972, starring, Waheed Murad- Rani- Sangeeta- Qavi. Directed by Raza Mir, silver jubilee.)

As an actress, Sangeeta always heightened the sweetness of living. She is well known for her memorable roles in the four films below, which were directed by Rangeela: 'Subha ka tara', 'Ganwaar', 'Sona Chani' and 'Raja Rani'.

Her top six inspirational films

Who else could have blended the beauty and the tragedy with such finesse and dignity, other then Sangeeta. The six movies listed below, ends with a profound and poignant message for the movie buffs:

The film 'Aadmi', directed by M.A. Rasheed.

The film 'Izzat', starring, Waheed Murad- Neelo- Talish- Sangeeta, directed by Jafar Bukhari, released in 1975.

The films 'Ma'ashara', and 'Aurat aik paheli', directed by Jafar Bukhari.

The film 'Chiragh kahan roshni kahan' directed by K.Khurshid.

The film 'Khanan day khan parohnay', directed by Anwar Kamal Pasha.

Her top seven acclaimed films

Sangeeta was smart enough to follow the instructions given to her by the directors. She also knew how to hone her powers of perception. She was successful in all instances, and achieved enduring fame in the seven movies below:

The film 'Chandni' directed by Iftikhar Khan.

The film 'Naik Perveen' directed by S.M.Yusuf.

The film 'Shagna dee mehendi', 'Watan' and 'Emaan', directed by M. Akram.

The film 'Teray meray sapnay', actress- producer, Sangeeta, directed by Iqbal Rizvi.

The film 'Mohabbat aur mehengai' directed by Iqbal Rizvi.

Her top six motivational films

She frequently was cast as a lead romantic actress, and soon became one of the most enchanting stars of modern times. Through persistent hardwork and perseverance, Sangeeta reached the pinnacle of a remarkable career.

Movies like the six listed below, spurred a new generation of viewers to pursue lofty imaginations:

The film 'Ladla putar', directed by Rasheed Akhtar.

The film 'Zulm dee Akheer', directed by S.A. Bukhari.

The film 'Badlay gee duniya saathi', directed by S.T.Zaidi.

The film 'Hong Kong kay sholay' , directed by Jan Mohammad.

The film 'Qismat', and 'Allah Ditta', directed by Iqbal Kashmiri.

As a serous actor

She made a series of outstanding films in the 1970s and 1980s. Her fame continued to grow with every new movie. Below is a journey with Sangeeta to the grandest of all times-the golden era of the Pakistani films:

A long established star of the big screen, she gave convincing performances in director Wazeer Ali's film 'Pannoo dee sassi', directed by Masood Pervez.

Sangeeta received applause from the public for the films 'Aashiana', 'Mehendi', and 'Jan Baaz', directed by Altaf Husain.

The films 'Sajan dushman' and 'Taqat wur' directed by Hasnain, re- ignited her career.

Sangeeta, her entire life, her rise as an actress and later, as director, her marriages-continues to be the subject of fascination and inspiration in Pakistan and abroad.

Just think of the movies which were class acts: The film 'Mastani mehbuba', 1974, cast, Waheed Murad- Sangeeta- Kavita, directed by Laeeq Akhtar, silver jubilee.

She worked in numerous other movies. Prominent among them was the golden jubilee film 'Khalish' 1972, starring, Waheed Murad- Rani- Sangeeta- Qavi, directed by Laeeq Akhtar.

The film 'Charda tufaan', directed by Masood Butt.

Movies like 'Meri zindigi hai naghma' were brought to life by the winning performance turned in by Sangeeta, director- songwriter, Shewan Rizvi.

The film 'Munjhee kithay daawaan', director, Haroon Pasha, cast, Sangeeta- Munawwar Zareef, was a real feast to an attentive public.

Sangeeta, a great performer of the film 'Pathar kay sanam', received applause form the cine-goers.

One wonders as one watches Sangeeta's movies, that the world would have been a lesser place without her. She is second to none in the Pakistani show business.

Eight more success stories

She proved time and again, her uncanny ability to attract sizable crowds in almost every film. Below are eight more success stories of her:

The films 'Tumsa nahi dekha', 'Guddi', and 'Baat bun jaaye'.

The films 'Naya tufaan', 'Dewar', 'Disco dancer', 'Sauday baaz' and 'Shikra', directed by Musarrat Shaheen.

Pushto hits

Sangeeta's brand of romanticism and her down- home style had wide appeal. She has achieved reverential status and she reaped applause from the public for the following two Pushto movies as well: 'Pukhtoon pa wilayat kaneer', director, Javed Sajjad, 1981, cast, Waheed Murad- Sangeeta- Asif Khan- Badar Muneer.

The film 'Yaar badshah'.

Personal life

Sangeeta married actor- villain, Humayun Qureshi. She had a daughter from him. In all probability, Sangeeta must have become grandmother by now. Unfortunately, her marriage did not work out quite well with Humayun Qureshi. In times due course, they separated.

Naveed Butt happened to be the second husband of Sangeeta.

As director

Having achieved her ambition in acting, Sangeeta moved on to another project-direction. Her first film as director was 'Society girl' in 1976.

That also marked the debut of Syed Noor, as scriptwriter and later he became director.

Sangeeta played the title role in 'Society girl' and directed the film. 'Society girl' was released on April 16, 1976, starring, Sangeeta- Kavita- Ghulam Mohyedin- Nisho- Bahar- Qavi. Composer, Nazeer Ali.

Her second film as director was 'Mujhay galay laga lo', which was a success. Starring, Sangeeta- Kavita- Ghulam Mohyedin- Nayyar Sultana- Bahar. Composer, Nazeer Ali. She became a quick success and won the hearts of her admirers. What is more, she did so between segments.

In a succession of movies, she had developed a persona as the star of her era. She directed the film 'Ishq ishq', 1977, cast, Sangeeta- Nadeem- Ghulam Mohyedin- Kavita- Qavi- Ali Raza- Talish. Composer, Kamal Ahmed, popular song, 'Ishq saccha hai to phir wada nibha na hoga'.

A lot of credit judiciously went to director Sangeeta. The public keep clamoring to hear more from her.

The 1978 film 'Laad pyar aur beiti' , which was released under the banner of 'Al- Fatah' films, could not succeed at the box office.

But there are enough success stories of Sangeeta to fuel the fever. Her highly successful career should serve as a role model to the starters.

The 1978 film 'Muthi bhar chawal' was a huge success. Cast, Sangeeta- Ghulam Mohyedin- Nadeem- Kavita- Saqi- Romana- Rahat Kazmi- Shehla Gul- Kamal Irani. Composer, Kamal Ahmed.

Sangeeta, one of Pakistan's best-loved entertainers, has a new generation humming along. The stirring true story of Sangeeta is replete with challenges.

The 1979 film 'Mein chup rahoon gee' was a mediocre movie. Cast, Actress- director, Sangeeta- Usman Peerzada- Kavita- Bahar- Qavi. Composer, Nazeer Ali.

An accomplished film director, she always found the niche that needed filling.

Further, she has filled her movies with characters who became Pakistani icons.

The 1979 movie 'Lal Aandhi' was released under the banner of 'Suroor Sakhira's 'Dhanak pictures'. Starring, actress- director Sangeeta- Asif Khan- Mustafa Qureshi- Kavita- Bahar- Qavi- Musarrat Shaheen. Composer, Kamal Ahmed.

Sangeeta's films also dealt with the social realities of the day. Her way, as one of the most distinguished directors, she had come completely into her own.

Her 1980 film, 'Mehel meray sapno ka' described the decisive role she played in the lives of her myriad fans. Cast, actress- director Sangeeta- Ghulam Mohedin- Nadeem- Kavita- Saqi- Najma Mehboob- Shahnawaz. Composer, M. Ashraf.

Sangeeta, who has been an innovator on quite a few occasions, went on to direct the 1980 film 'Mehendi lagi meray haath'. The ambiguity of the story brought laurels to her. Cast, actress- director Sangeeta- Rangeela- Azad, Humayun Qureshi. Composer, Kamal Ahmed.

More participation in movies gave her more national prominence. She virtually set the standard for cinematic suspense with more interesting films. The films moral imperative seems to be to stay alive. Her following three films were released in 1982: 'Aaj aur abhi' was made under the banner of 'Wazeer pictures', starring, actress- director Sangeeta- Kavita- Anjuman- Asif Raza Mir- Ishrat Chaudhry- Tamanna. Composer, Kamal Ahmed.

'Mian bewe razi' completed platinum jubilee, starring, actress- director Sangeeta- Nadeem- Kavita- Agha Sikander- Tahira Naqui- Nanha- Saqi. Composer, Kamal Ahmed.

'Thori see bay wafai' silver jubilee, starring, actress- director Sangeeta, Nadeem- Kavita- Habib- Romana- Nanha- Ishrat Chaudhry- Tamanna. Most of the location shooting was done in London. Music by M. Ashraf.

She found her life's calling-in the cinema. Through her movies, she renews the passion in our lives. Remarkable people like Sangeeta inspired some of our favorite movies. Below is one of them:

The 1984 film 'Jeenay nahi doon gee', completed golden jubilee. Cast, actress- director Sangeeta- Javed Sheikh- Zamarrud- Faisal- Kavita- Bahar. Composer, Kamal Ahmed.

Quality films aspire to grandeur and seriousness. To her fans, she personified the ideal actress. As for Sangeeta, she found her mission in life and pursued it.

Sangeeta's first Punjabi film, 'Baazi' was released in 1984, under the banner of 'Tina production'. Cast, actress-director Sangeeta- Shabnam- Sultan Rahi- Rangeela.

The film like 'Naam mera budnaam,' 1984, did appealed to audiences. Cast, actress-director Sangeeta- Shabnam- Kavita- Mohammad Ali- Ayaz. Composer, Kamal Ahmed.

Sangeeta's brilliant direction in most of her movies kept the audiences and the critics on their seat's edge through the entire film.

The 1987 movie 'Qasam munnay ki' was an average film. Starring, actress- director Sangeeta- Neeli- Babra Sharif- Faisal- Mohammad Ali- Afzal Ahmed. Composer, Kamal Ahmed.

In 1986, double version film 'Ik Shehanshah' happened to be a failure. Director, Sangeeta, Producer, Mehmud Butt, cast, Babra Sharif- Ismail Shah- Sultan Rahi- Kanwal- Afzal Ahmed. Music, Kamal Ahmed.

Quickly Sangeeta was in her element again. The 1989 mega hit film 'Taqat ka tufaan' completed golden jubilee. Director Sangeeta, stars, Salma Agha- Nadeem- Ghulam Mohydin- Jahan Zaib- Rangeela- Afzal Ahmed. Composer, Zulfiqar Ali, producer, Shehanshah.

She reaped enormous appreciation from the movie goers for being an integral part of the popular entertainment. Below is another successful chapter in her resplendent career.

Her following three films were shown at the theaters in 1990: 'Kaali', cast, Babra Sharif- Ismail Shah- Nasarullah Butt- Mustafa Qureshi.

At the height of her fame, she directed the film 'Tayzaab', starring, Gori- Ismail Shah- Ajab Gul- Shaheda muni- Talish- Shafqat Cheema.

The film 'Zeherilay', cast, Javed Sheikh, Reema- Ajab Gul- Madiha Shah- Khushbu- Shafqat Cheema. Director Sangeeta.

The 1991 double version movie, 'Bay taab' could not succeed at the box office. Five years later, in 1996, the film 'Khilona' was a super hit movie. Stars, Meera- Saima- Saud- Shan- Saleem Sheikh. Composer, Zulfiqar Ali, director Sangeeta.

Living legend, Sangeeta, directed the 1997 film 'Aashiqi kheil nahi'; it was the remake of director Shabab Kiranvi's film 'Mera naam hai mohabbat'. Cast, Babra Sharif- Gullu.

Then in 1998, she directed the super hit film 'Nikah', which was the remake of director Dada Nazrul Islam's super hit film, 'Aa'ena'. Cast, Reema- Shan- Deeba- Tamanna- Abid Butt- Nirma- Ehsan- Goshi Khan.

She came up with direction of dramatic caliber in the 1998 film 'Harjaaye', which was a big hit. The cast included Neeli among others.

She graced the showbiz with her wistful appearance and directed the following three films with plenty of zest: 'Do boond pani', 'Jeet', and 'Ehsaas'.

However, the film 'Dream girl', which was the remake of 'Society girl' could not succeed. Essentially, her initial movie roles helped her to direct her later films like the three below: 'Samaaj', 'Qaid' and 'Pasand'.

The film 'Qaid', directed by Sangeeta, stars, Zeba Bakhtiar- Saud.


One of Pakistan's most cherished directors; she worked relentlessly all her life. Below are details of her Nigar Awards:

She earned the Nigar Award for best supporting actress for the film 'Ye Aman' in 1971.

She earned the Nigar Award for best director for the film 'Society girl' in 1976.

She earned the Nigar Award for best actress for the film 'Society girl' in 1976.

She earned the Nigar Award for best actress for the film 'Muthi bhar chawal' in 1978.

She earned the Nigar Award for best director for the film 'Muthi bhar chawal' in 1978.

She earned the Nigar Award for best actress for the film 'Sona chandi' in 1983.

She earned the Nigar Award for best supporting actress for the film 'Naam mera budnaam' in 1984.


Mazhar/ Pakistan Film Magazine


Erum Rizvi

Sangeeta, Pakistani actress, director
Sangeeta, Pakistani actress, director
Sangeeta in Mutthi Bhar Chawal
Sangeeta, Pakistani actress, director

As an actress

1971 Garhasti/ Sangeeta-Jamal

1971 Waris/ directed by Waheed Daar

1971 Yeh Aman/ November 20, 1971

1972 Azadi

1972 Baharon Phool Barsao

1972 Ilzaam/ Sangeeta- Zeba- Mohammad Ali- Shahid

1972 Khalish/ Waheed Murad- Rani- Sangeeta- Qavi/ golden jubilee

1973 Aj Da Mahinwal

1973 Daku Te Insaan

1973 Khuda Te Maa

1973 Khushiya

1973 Rangeela Aashiq

1974 Mastani mehbuba/ Waheed Murad- Sangeeta- Kavita

1975 Anari

1975 Izzat/ Waheed Murad- Neelo- Talish- Sangeeta

1976 Mujhe Gale Laga Lo

1976 Society Girl

1977 Ishq Ishq

1978 Kabhi Kabhi

1981 Mutthi Bhar Chawal

1983 Sona Chandi

1985 Muqaddar

1986 Joora/ directed by Haider Chaudhry

Years not known


Aurat aik paheli

Baat bun jaaye

Baharoan ki manzil


Chiragh kahan roshni kahan


Dil aik Aa’ena

Dil aik khilona

Disco dancer



Khanan day khan parohnay


Meri zindigi hai naghma

Mohabbat aur mehengai

Munjhee kithay daawaan/ Sangeeta- Munawwar Zareef

Naag muni

Naik Perveen

Naya tufaan

Pathar kay sanam

Tumsa nahi dekha

Raja Rani

Sauday baaz

Shagna dee mehendi


Sona Chandi

Subha ka tara

Teray meray sapnay

Waardaat/ directed by Diljeet Mirza

As a director


Society Girl (Urdu - 16-04-1976) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sangeeta, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Kaveeta, Nisho, Bahar, Qavi

Mujhe Galay Lagalo (Urdu - 22-10-1976) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sangeeta, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Kaveeta, Nayyar, Bahar

Ishq Ishq (Urdu - 14-07-1977) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Kaveeta, Nadeem, Sangeeta, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Qavi, Talish

Lad, Pyar aur Beti (Urdu - 19-05-1978) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sangeeta, Shahid, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Kaveeta, Chakram, Tamanna

Muthi Bhar Chawal (Urdu - 16-06-1978) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sangeeta, Nadeem, Kaveeta, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Rahat KazmiKhoost, Imdad Hussain, Shehla Gil, Saqi, Najma Begum, Romana, Chakram, Irfan, , Kemal Irani

Main Chup Rahungi (Urdu - 18-05-1979) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sangeeta, Usman Pirzada, Kaveeta, Qavi, Bahar

Lal Aandhi (Urdu - 29-06-1979) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Kaveeta, Asif Khan, Mustafa Qureshi, Sangeeta. Musarrat

Mahal Meray Sapnon Ka (Urdu - 21-03-1980) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Kaveeta, Nadeem, Sangeeta, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Shahnawaz, Saqi, Najma

Mehndi Lagi Meray Haath (Urdu - 20-10-1980) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sangeeta, Nadeem, Kaveeta, Rangeela, Bahar, Azad, Humayun Qureshi, Bahar

Mian Bivi Razi (Urdu - 29-01-1982) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Kaveeta, Nadeem, Nanha, Tahira Naqvi, Agha Sikandar, Shehla Gill, Saqi

Aaj Aur Abhi (Urdu - 04-06-1982) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Kaveeta, Asif Khan Raza, Ishrat, Tamanna

Thori Si Bewafai (Punjabi - 05-11-1982) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Kaveeta, Nadeem, Habib, Ishrat Chodhary, Romana

Naam Mera Badnam (Urdu - 04-05-1984) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Sangeeta, Kaveeta, Ayaz

Jeeney Nahin Doon Gi (Urdu - 26-07-1985) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sangeeta, Javed Sheikh, Mohammad Ali, Faisal, Afzaal Ahmad

Qasam Munnay Ki (Urdu - 06-03-1987) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Babra Sharif, Faisal, Sangeeta, Mohammad Ali, Afzaal Ahmad

Bazi (Punjabi - 13-11-1987) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Shabnam, Sultan Rahi, Neeli, Rangeela,

Tohfa (Punjabi - 08-07-1988) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Nadira, Sultan Rahi, Ismail Shah, Neeli

Ik Shehanshah (Punjabi - 17-06-1988) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Babra Sharif, Sultan Rahi, Nazaan, Ismail Shah

Taqat Ka Toofan (Urdu - 10-03-1989) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Salma Agha, Nadeem, Ghulam Muhayuddin, Afzaal Ahmad

Kali (Punjabi - 23-02-1990) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Babra Sharif, Ismail Shah, Jahanzeb, Humayun Qureshi

Tezab (Punjabi - 25-05-1990) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Gori, Ismail Shah, Ajab Gul, Shahida Mini, Shafqat Cheema

Zehreelay (Punjabi - 14-12-1990) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Reema, Javed Sheikh, Ajab Gul, Shafqat Cheema, Khushboo

Betab (Double version P/U - 13-12-1991) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Kaveeta, Asad, Shahida Mini, Abid Ali, Naghma, Shafqat Cheema

Khilona (Urdu - 01-11-1996) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Saud, Shaan, Meera, Saleem Sheikh

Jeet (Urdu - 19-09-1997) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Meera, Saud, Rembo, Nargis, Tariq Shah, Sana

Aashqi Khel Nahin (Urdu - 18-04-1997) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Meera, Saud, Nirma, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Ali Ejaz, Saira Khan

Dream Girl (Urdu - 01-08-1997) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Meera, Saud, Laila, Nirma, Kashif

Nikah (Urdu - 05-06-1998) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Reema, Shaan, Ahsan Khan, Nirma, Goshi Khan, Laila, Abid Khan, Riffat Tajalli, Nazo, Tamanna, Mishi Khan, Deeba

Do Boond Pani (Urdu - 23-10-1998) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Resham, Shaan, Saud, Saima, Shan, Riffat, Mohsin Gilani

Ehsas (Urdu - 13-03-1998) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Meera, Shaan, Javed Sheikh, Laila, SaleemSahikh, Saira Khan, Haidar Sultan

Harjai (Urdu - 10-07-1998) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Meera, Babar, Neeli, Rembo, Iram Tahir, Abid Ali

Sahib, Bibi Aur Tawaif (Urdu - 14-08-1998) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Chandni, Javed Sheikh, Jan Rembo, Sahiba, Moamer Sharif, Gulab Chandio

Qaid (Urdu - 02-07-1999) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Zeba Bakhtiar, Saud, Saima, Moamer Rana, Bahar, Shafqat, Khalid Saleem Mota

Qismat (Punjabi - 22-10-1999) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Moamar Rana, Reema, Ajab Gul, Afzal Ahmad, Rangeela

Dil To Pagal Hay (Urdu - 29-10-1999) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Reema, Shaan, Bahar, Afreen Baig, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Shabbir Jan

Reshma (Punjabi - 12-05-2000) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sana, Moamar Rana, Shafqat, Azma, Resham

Sultana Daku (Punjabi - 11-08-2000) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Sana, Zeeshan, Tariq Shah, Adeeb, Bahar

Sher-e-Lahore (Punjabi - 19-10-2001) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Moamar Rana, Babar Ali, Shafqat

Meray Mehboob (Urdu - 04-05-2001) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Resham, Shaan, Sana, Saud, Shehzad Ghaffoor

Gharana (Urdu - 11-05-2001) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Resham, Babar Ali, Megha, Saud, Meera, Shahid, Chandni, Arbaz Khan, Khushbu, Ehsan

Daldal (Urdu - 10-08-2001) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Reema, Shaan, Saud, Sana, Laila, Shafqat Cheema

Sher-e-Pakistan (Urdu - 09-08-2002) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Reema, Resham, Moamer, Cheema, Ladla

Jahad (Urdu - 06-09-2002) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Meera, Babar Ali, Nargis, Saud, Humayun Qureshi

Arain Da Kharak (Punjabi - 18-10-2002) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Yousuf Khan, Saima, Shaan, Moamer Rana, Nirma, Saud

Badmash-e-Azam (Punjabi - 06-12-2002) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Resham, Rembo, Laila, Saud

Dada Badmash (Punjabi - 23-02-2002) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Yousuf Khan, Saima, Shaan, Moamer Rana, Heera, Resham, Saud

Kalu Shahpuria (Punjabi - 05-07-2002) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Meera, Laila, Khawaja Saleem Remand (Punjabi - 2003) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Reema, Babar Ali, Laila, Saud, Raza, Khawaja Saleem, Baba Prince

Soldier (Urdu - 2003) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Aleena, Balal, Rashid

Yeh Wada Raha (Urdu - 06-06-2003) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Resham, Shaan, Zara Sheikh, Nirma, Arbaz Khan, Nadeem

Qayamat (Urdu - 26-11-2003) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Sangeeta

Sakhi Sultan (Punjabi - 02-02-2004) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Moamar Rana

Billu Ghanta Gharia (Punjabi - 14-11-2004) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Babar Ali

Wehshi Haseena (Punjabi - 14-11-2004) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sana, Shaan, Laila, Babar Ali, Saud, Shabeena Khan, Saif Ali

Bhola Sajjan (Punjabi - 2004) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Babar Ali

Mustafa Khan (Punjabi - 22-01-2005) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Resham, Babar Ali, Saud, Laila, Arbaz Khan, Zari, Shabnam Chodhary, Shafqat Cheema

Malangey (Pashto - 22-01-2005) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sidra Khan, Shahid Khan, Asif Khan, Nemat Sarhadi

Wada Chodhary (Punjabi - 22-01-2005) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Babar Ali

Kurrian Shehar Dian (Punjabi - 17-06-2005) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Saud, Resham, Arbaz, Laila, Jan Rambo, Shabnam Chodhary, Sangeeta, Shafqat Cheema

Ziddi Rajput (Punjabi - 12-08-2005) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sana, Shaan, Saud, Laila, Saima Khan, Sardar Kamal, Tariq Shah, Shafqat Cheema, Raheela Agha, Shirin Khan, Baba Prince, Achhi Khan, Babur Butt & Shafqat Cheema

Khatarnak (pashto - 04-11-2005) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sana, Shaan, Saud, Shafqat

Sohna Yaar Punjabi (Punjabi - 2005) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sana, Shamyl Khan, Babar Ali

Tarrap (Urdu - 23-10-2006) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Resham, Saud, Nadeem, Sheeba Bhagri, Babrak Shah, Laila, Imran, Urooj, Raheela Agha, Raja Haidar, Sher Khan

Nasha Jawani Da (Punjabi - 08-06-2007) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Sana, Shafqat Cheema

Wehshi Badmash (Pashto - 28-11-2009) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sana, Shaan, Sonu Laal, Arbaz Khan, Laila, Fakhar Imam, Babar, Wali Bukhari, Sangeeta, Shafqat Cheema

Haseeno Ka Mela (Urdu - 11-09-2010) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sana, Moamar Raan, Meera, Asha, Nadia, Arzoo, Jan Rambo, Mohsin, Babboo Biral, Tariq

Daku Haseena (Punjabi - dates not known) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sana, Shaan, Babar Ali

Dehshat (Punjabi - dates not known) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Moamar

Foja Amritsaria (Punjabi - dates not known) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Sana, Shaan, Reema

Nagri Daata Di (Punjabi - dates not known) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Saima, Shaan, Babar Ali

Nave Yaar Day Mubarak Sha (Pashto - dates not known) Director: Sangeeta Actors: Shabnum, Arbaz

In the alphabetical order

Arain Da Kharak; Badmash-e-Azam; Bazi; Betab; Bhola Sajjan; Billu Ghanta Gharia; Dada Badmash; Daku Haseena; Daldal; Dehshat; Dil To Pagal HayDo Boond Pani; Dream Girl; Ehsas; Foja Amritsaria; Gharana; Harjai; Haseeno Ka Mela; Ik Shehanshah; Ishq Ishq; Jahad; Jeeney Nahin Doon Gi; Jeet; Kali; Kalu Shahpuria; Khatarnak; Khilona; Kurrian Shehar Dian; Lad, Pyar aur Beti; Lal Aandhi; Mahal Meray Sapnon Ka; Main Chup Rahungi; Malangey; Mehndi Lagi Meray Haath; Meray Mehboob; Mian Bivi Razi; Mujhe Galay Lagalo; Mustafa Khan; Muthi Bhar Chawal; Naam Mera Badnam; Nagri Daata Di; Nasha Jawani Da; Nave Yaar Day Mubarak Sha; Nikah; Qaid; Qasam Munnay Ki; Qayamat; Qismat; Remand; Reshma; Sahib, Bibi Aur Tawaif; Sakhi Sultan; Sher-e-Lahore; Sher-e-Pakistan; Society Girl; Sohna Yaar Punjabi; Soldier; Sultana Daku; Taqat Ka Toofan; Tarrap ; Tezab; Thori Si Bewafai; Tohfa; Wada Chodhary; Wehshi Badmash; Wehshi Haseena; Yeh Wada Raha; Zehreelay; Ziddi Rajput.

As a producer

Tarap 2006 Producer: Sangeeta

Taqat Ka Toofan/Force 1989 Producer: Sangeeta

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