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Sant Gurbax Singh

Dr. Jasbir Singh Sarna , A pearl of wisdom "Daily Excelsior" 18/2/2018

Attractive multidimensional personality of Sant Gurbax Singh’s life was a spectrum of colours. He was a devout Sikh, a prolific scholar and dedicated philanthropist. His high character, foresighted vision, commitment and true guidelines always is remembered in the panthic gatherings. Born in 1920 in Danna village, Sant ji took basic education from Bhai Kirpal Singh and later joined Danna school and Guru Nanak Ashram school Chakar, Muzaffarabad. While studying in 8th standard his father Bhai Gurdit Singh left for heavenly abode. Later on, Sant ji married Bibi Rattan Kaur daughter of S. Revel Singh of Mundri.

Sant ji dedicated his whole life to the service to humanity, communal harmony. He was a humanist to the core and believed in peace and harmony in the society. Sant ji was always a steadfast khalsa, in both his Kathni and Karni, a dedicated, devotee of the Sikh panth. In J&K, from ancient times, some Missionary Deras are doing commendable job for the promotion and propagation of Sikhism.

Guru Nanak Dev,Guru Hargobind Sahib,Guru Har Rai and Guru Gobind Singh ji visited some pockets of the modern state. After the creation of Khalsa Panth at Anandpur sahib in 1699,Guru Gobind Singh sent Bhai Amolak Singh,Bhai Pheru Singh and Bhai Punjab Singh to Poonch and Kashmir for the propagation of Sikhism. ln this way Amritdhari Sikhs were seen in these pockets. According to the version of Panth Parkash, Bhai Punjab Singh received khande de phual from the august hands of Guru Gobind Singh ji.” Singh panth jab Guru chaliyo,Tab isko bhe Amrit chakhayo, Tab te eh Punjab singh theo, Rocha Singh chyla en kiyo, Kashmir aur Pathohar, Sewak lok pee teh saare.”This version is also testified by the author of Twarikhe Ikwame Poonch. Sant Pura Danna along with other deras have been a multidimensional vision and serve the interests of the microscopic Sikh community from time to time. Most of these Deras adopted Rahit Maryada which is made up of techniques and tools to help maintain the consciousness of the Sikhs.It is simply a code of conduct for living in accordance with the principles of Sikhism.

These Missionary Deras under went substantial changes and emerged torch bearers for the community and removed unethical or immoral practices existing during early days. Sant Pura Danna originally established in village Danna, Muzaffarabad due to tireless efforts of Sant Daya Singh, a disciple of Sant Punjab Singh. Other successors of this dera were Sant Gurmukh Singh, Sant Khushal Singh, Sant Gurdit Singh and Sant Gurbax Singh.These Sikh missionaries visited steep terrains packed with snow and far flung areas, contacted community members personally and influenced them with religious discourses.

In the early days Marh Bagh, Jammu was the centre of activities of the Dera but in 1977 Hira Singh of Kacheli donated some land for the Gurdwara Danna in Nanak Nagar. Sant Gurbax Singh, with the help of sadh sangat errected a splendour Gurdwara. A well equipped Langar hall, a dispensary, physiotherapy centre are functioning well. Sant ji was a man with a rock hard will power and a broad learning which he always shared with community members.

During the 1947 holocaust, his selfless and commendable contributions are well documented in the annals of sikh history.Sant ji worked hard for the resettlement of refugees of Muzaffarabad in Jammu. Sant ji was earlier associated with Akali Dal Jatha Muzaffarabad, khalsa Darbar in 1942 and did commended work in the religious, political, social fronts of the community.

The devotion and laborious efforts of Dera neither be ignored nor minimized. Sant Gurbax Singh ji and was a well versed in martial sikh art, religious, preacher and prolific writer. Sant ji developed an intrinsic desire to educate children in this way he established a school. Now by the end of 2017, the new school building Sant Gurbax Singh Danna International school has been completed and new classes have started.

In this way the desire of Sant ji was fulfilled by Sant Tejwant Singh ji. Sant Tejwant Singh ji, a young man well versed with social ethos and history is heading the Dera. Being the alumni of Akal Akademy Baru Sahib, he is intelligent,energetic and moulded with spiritual pursuits. In the morden context, the main thrust of all the Deras should be to remove superstitions, ignorance and empty rituals from the Sikh masses.

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