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Distribution territories

In (undivided) Andhra Pradesh, the film trade was carried out in the Nizam territory comprising Telangana districts, ceded territory comprising Rayalaseema districts and Andhra territory comprising the coastal Andhra region.

Funny titles

Ten funniest Telugu movie titles ever/ | -Feb 7, 2023

Ten funniest Telugu movie titles ever

Though many filmmakers opt for such funny titled for their films even now but most of such movies with eye-grabbing titles were released during the late ’80s and ’90s, and are still more popular fpr the title than the film as a whole. ETimes has compiled a list of such films, let's take a look.

'IPL – It’s a Pure Love' (2023)

(‘IPL’ popularly stands for Indian Premiere League in India) , whereas these filmmakers say Directed by Suresh Lankapalli

Cheekati Gadhilo chitakkottudu’ (Bashing in a dark Room) 2019

Director Santhosh P.

'Hormones' (2023)

Written and directed by Dr Anand Islavath: its metaphoric title [indicates] that its a youthful entertainer.

PUC (2008)– Please U See...!

A 2008 Telugu dubbed Kannada film with the same title, directed by Ramesh. PUC popularly stands for Pre-University Course /Intermediate in most of the Indian universities

D/O of Varma (2013)

(Daughter of Verma) By debutant director Khaja in 2013. In real life Tollywood director Varma too has the only daughter and most of the public knew that the film is targeting filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma.

Maa aavida meeda ottu mee avida chala manchidi (2001) [“I swear on my wife, your wife is too good”]

Dir: EVV Satya Narayana.

Jaffa (2013)

The word Jaffa is invented by star Telugu comedian Brahmanandam in Tollywood to scold or abuse someone in his films when he gets frustrated. Director Vennela Kishore.

Sorry Naaku pellaindi (2004)

'Sorry, Naaku Pellaindi'/ sorry I got married

Mr.Erra Babu Intermiediate 5 samvatsaram (2005)

Lit.: ‘Mr.Erra Babu Intermediate 5th year’ (meaning, he failed the class at least 4 times, and this is his 5th year in the same class)

Patnam Vachina Pathivrathalu (1982)

Lit.: ‘Purest women those came to the city’.

Edurinti Mogudu Pakkinti Pellam (1991)

Lit.: ‘Opposite house husband and neighborhood's housewife’ dir: Relangi Narasimha Rao

2007 onwards: Technologists as male protagonists

The Times of India, Nov 01 2015

Sushil Rao

Picture courtesy: The Times of India, Nov 01 2015

Techie is the new hero in Tollywood

The arrival of leading IT firms in Hyderabad saw popular actors like Venkatesh don similar characters back in 2007. Comedian Brahmanandam, too, played an IT executive in the 2006 blockbuster `Pokiri'. The `funny man' was, in fact, seen mimicking software engineers in the Mahesh Babu-starrer film. Though the caricaturing has taken a back seat, techies clearly rule the roost on screen today . “The casually dressed software engineer appeals more to the moviegoing crowd,“ said writerdirector, L Srinath. Perhaps that explains why both `Mantra 2' and `Tiger' released this year had software professionals as their lead char acters. Earlier, Allu Arjun, too, appeared as a techie in `Arya-2' (2009), while Ram Charan played a similar part in `Naayak' (2013). The iPad-toting geek quickly replaced the feared police officer as the protagonist in Telugu films The booming technol ogy sector of India has lent Hyderabad a distinct identity over the years -of being a prominent IT hub. Now, this image seems to be spilling over into the movies too. 2007 onwards, big-ticket Tollywood stars have been playing software professionals on screen, replete with neck-ties and geeky mannerisms. From obsessing over the roles of collector and IPS officer, and then graduating to the do-gooder doctorengineer era, the filmy brigade turned its attention to the iPad-toting populace of the city . Like some film pundits put it: In every production around 2015, if the hero was not a feared police officer, he was most definitely a software engineer. Case in point: `James Bond ¬ Neu Kadhu Nuvvu' (2015), starring Allari Naresh. Much like him, Satya Dev, who plays the protagonist in acclaimed director Puri Jagannadh's `Jyothi Lakshmi', is also a techie on screen who is smitten by a sex worker. Screenwriters say these characters also strike a chord with the Telugu population employed overseas by major tech firms. “Ask anyone in a village and they'll tell you they know someone or the other working as a software engineer either in Hyderabad, or some other part of the country or world.So having a story that showcases the hero as an IT professional helps the masses relate to the character,“ said director V Sagar Reddy, whose next film is about such professionals.

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