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Viswanathan Anand
Most number of titles, India (Viswanathan Anand and the world); Graphic courtesy: [ From the archives of the Times of India]

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The Times of India, May 9, 2015

Many chess players will give their left hand to be able to play like 45-year-old Vishy Anand of 2014.And we are talking about a player who is not at his peak. Despite losing the World crown, Anand achieved a lot -the Candidates title, Bilbao Masters, London Classicand Zurich Challenge -last year. Yes,Anand lost to Magnus Carlsen for the second time in a World title match last year but he still remains the frontrunner to challenge the Norwegian in 2016. His love for the game, thirst for hard work, and above all, his dignity, remain undiminished. Whether a minor planet is named after him or not, Anand is a player from a different planet.


Wins World Rapid title, Riyadh

Prasad RS, December 30, 2017: The Times of India


• Anand won the title at the age of 48, beating Vassily Ivanchuk’s record of winning it at 47

• The top-10 players among the world’s top 15 (according to rapid rating) were in action

• Anand was seeded 12th at Elo 2758 while his rating performance was 2874

• The prize money of $450,000 was shared by Anand, Fedoseev and Nepomniachtchi who had the same number of points (10.5)

• It is Anand’s first World Rapid title conducted by FIDE. Before 2012, FIDE used to approve private tournaments with world title. Anand had won one such title in France in 2003

• In his last five games, Anand had four draws and a win. He remained undefeated in the meet

• The format was 15 rounds over three days. Time control was 15 minutes per player per game plus 10 seconds increment from first move

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