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Lairenjam Olen in Ngak Eko Nangse Ta Cahoba (2005)

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Actor Olen : a much loved actor of the people

Written by Amukhomba Ngangbam

ManipurTimes 05 July 2013

Versatile Manipuri film Actor, Lairenjam Olen

Lairenjam Olen, one of the leading Manipuri film actors is popular for his roles as a village boy or a very down to earth person. His performances are often loud and impressive. In most films, his role takes a strong dramatic presence and he is often credited with bringing lighter moments in serious films too. Olen’s role in both comedy and tragedy films has won public acclaim on many occasions. Manipuri films ‘Lallasi Pal’, ‘Dr. Yaima’, ‘Nangna Mama Oibiyu’, ‘Lakhipurgi Lakhipyari’, ‘Chang si Chang’ and ‘Radharani’, etc are some of the memorable films of Olen. By 2013, he had acted in about 180 Manipur digital films.


Before his entry in the world of Manipuri digital film, Olen is a theatre artiste. He is a member of Orient Drama Union, Sangakpham, Chingmeirong. In the journey of his acting career, he has achieved best actor award in Manipuri film festival organised by Film Forum Manipur in 2007. Film Academy Manipur (FAM) also conferred him best actor award for his role in ‘Nungsi Hekta Hairage’ in 2008. Olen has also got NETV People’s Choice award in 1995. He has acted in around 15 theatre plays, two short plays, three celluloid films, 11 video films and nearly 180 Manipuri digital feature films.

His father was a theatre activist. Once young Olen saw a drama in which his father took the role of a police officer. The drama inspired young Olen to become an artiste. He joined Orient Dramatic Union and started acting in different plays.

“In a ‘Bir Tikendrajit’ play staged on 13 August, I once took the role of Khelendra Subedar. I was so happy to get the opportunity of taking a main role in the journey of my theatre career. In the scene of hanging of BirTikendrajit by the British, one of my friends from the audience teased me. I felt like laughing out loud on seeing my friend’s gesture. But I had to hold it back hard. To control my laughter, my legs were trembling. When the curtain was closed after the end of the drama, I was so happy. I still feel the moment”, recalled Olen.

Early film career

Olen’s debut film was ‘Khongchat’, released in October 1996. The role of ‘Ta Tomba’ he took in the film is still remembered by the people of Manipur. The script of the video film was written by him. Sanou, cameraman Ratan, Ipu and many others took great roles in the production of the video film. In 1998, he was working as a Co-operative Inspector. He had to leave the job due to downsizing policy of the Government.

The first Manipuri digital film wherein Olen took the main role was ‘Lallasi Pal’.


40-year-old Lairenjam Olen is the only son of Lairenjam Shyamkesho and Ibemhal of Sangakpham, Imphal. His father is a retired Government employee while his mother is a housewife. He passed matriculation from Lairikyengbam Leikai High School in 1989 and graduated from Pune University in Science stream in 1992.

He is married with Ningthoujam Ningol Sarju Devi in 2006. The couple has two sons - Olson and Oasis.

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