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Mohen Naorem

“My Japanese Niece” – a masterpiece from Mohen Naorem

Written by Rakesh Lourembam

ManipurTimes 19 March 2013

In Collaboration with

Among some noted film makers who have been promoting the Manipuri film industry in global platform, Mohen Naorem is one among the list.

Legend Studio

He is the founder of Legend Studio, a global film making company promoting independent filmmakers and talents focusing in making feature films, shorts documentaries and animation particularly focusing on making historical movies related to Manipur and issues of Manipur for the global audience.

Established in 2009, the studio within a short span of time has become one of leading global studio having its branches in South East Asia as well as in European countries. He has collaborated with many filmmakers based in Korea, United States, Germany, and Russia and even in South East Asian countries with the common thinking which is to spread and instigate messages on different issues in the form of an entertaining medium. The studio as a part of video funding project where film makers are supposed to submit synopsis to fund providers of the project has contributed 40 films so far starting from 2012.


Since childhood he was interested in film and its importance in society. He has come from a humble background and his family too have little knowledge on film and entertainment. However, his love for the art and confined to master course in mass communication did help him in entering to the film world. From early days, he was vastly exposed to different form of activities like film directing, script writing, camera handling and learned how to convey message to mass public.

His latest much-talk movie “My Japanese Niece” is based on a Japanese soldier and his association with the State. The journey of the film started from a facebook page [[1]] which Mohen and his core team created to raise fund following the massive earthquake occurred in Japan few years back. By doing so, they got overwhelm response through the page and met with some Japanese counterparts. And, particularly the Manipuri diaspora staying in different part of the world also expressed willingness of providing assistance on the cause. Through the process, they realise that the sentiment, love and bonding of Manipuri towards the people of Japan is so strong.

Mohen had started making Manipuri feature film since 2006. In 2009, the film “School Karusi” was produced under his own production banner. The theme of this film is based on harm inflicted to students caused by bandh, curfew and blockade. His other film titled “The Uprising” (50 min) is based on the July 18 incident where 18 people got killed and several left injured when trying to protect the integrity of the State. The film narration and story line is purely based on the event footages. It will be released on June 18 of this year.

Having putted concerted efforts in making “My Japanese Niece”, Mohen Naorem is also planning of making film related with historical events like “Chahi Taret Khuntakpa” (Seven Years Devastation), Burma War and on war against British.

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