Manipuri cinema: The leading actors

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Gokul Athokpam
Lairenjam Olen
Kaiku Rajkumar, extreme left
Kaiku Rajkumar, centre right

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Manipuri cinema: The leading actors

Hamom Sadananda, left
Gurumayum Bonny Sharma, left, in Mee Hatningdaba Killer
Gurumayum Bonny Sharma

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Manipuri Cinema

Manipuri cinema: The major actors of the 21st century

Arranged in the alphabetical order of their last names

Gokul Athokpam


Gokul acted in 154 films till 2013. Angry man, Fighter, Villain, Tragedy Hero

His acting and performance in the film "Thouri and "Imagi Ibungo" is wonderful and worth to praise, and shakes the entire Manipur.

Raju Nong

See Raju Nong

Lairenjam Olen

See Lairenjam Olen

Kaiku Rajkumar


Kaiku acted in 182 films till 2013. Romantic, Good Physical, Debonair, traged

Acted in Mami (Image) a Manipuri feature

Hamom Sadananda

See Hamom Sadananda

Gurumayum Bonny Sharma


Bonny acted in 56 films till 2013. Showman, villain, Angry man, Comedian.

He is one of the Best villain actor of Manipuri Films, however he comes in the best Role of good and heroic and became super star of Manipuri FHms. He is playing serious main Role in the Manipuri Film "Yaiskulgee Pakhang Angaoba"

The best actors

Angomcha Bimol Akoijam writes: Among the actors, while Raju made his presence felt in his debut film (Meera Memcha), Sadananda comes as an intense but unlucky actor who did not get a chance to perform to his potential largely due to the limits imposed by the script (Eidee Chatle).

Olen’s acting is often predictable and sometimes loud. But he gave measured and convincing performances in Tellenga Mamei, Change-shi-chang and Lalasi Pal.

Gokul (Sakthibi Tampha) is an actor we must look out for. If the character of Manipuri cinema were to change, the actor in him is bound to shine beyond the horizon of Manipuri cinema.

But my choice is definitely Kaiku. I will remember him for his incredible performance in Basantagi Nongalamdai. His body language and display of measured emotions were in tune with the demands of the complexities of the character.

The hallmark of a stupendous performance came in full form in the scene wherein he came to know that his beloved was suffering from HIV. e-pao and The Sangai Express, January 31st, 2008.

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Manipuri cinema: The leading actors

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