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Tania Rahman Tonni: 1999

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Sonia Gazi: 2000
Tabassum Ferdous Shaon: 2001
2007:Jannatul Ferdous Peya (Click her name for an independent article about Peya.)
2007: Bidya Sinha Saha Mim and the two runners up


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facebook missosology


There has been no official Miss Bangladesh contest, recognised by an international organisation, after 2001. However, there have been some national contests (notably Miss Bangladesh Photogenic) and some organised by modelling agencies that award the Miss Bangladesh title. This page is a collection of the result of these uncoordinated contests, especially the few recognised by the world body.

1994: The first Miss Bangladesh contest was organized: however, the national press either gave it scanty coverage or blanked it out, for fear of offending the conservative section of orthodox society.

1994: Anika Taher was the first to represent Bangladesh at the Miss World pageant. This one was held in Sun City, South Africa and this was where Aishwarya Rai was crowned Miss World.

1996: Chitra represented Bangladesh at the Miss World in Bangalore, India

1998: Miss Bangladesh, Shaila Simi (RJ on Radio Today fm89.6) has also hosted RTV-"Tarokalap" which is a live talk show. Now, Simi is visiting the UK, and is also visiting Canada to help autistic and mentally challenged people.

1999 Tania Rahman Tonni participated in Miss World 1999.

2000: Sonia Gazi participated in the Miss World contest held in London.

2001: Tabassum Ferdous Shaon, who participated at Miss World held at South Africa was the last delegate from Bangladesh in an international contest

The Miss Bangladesh World was discontinued after 2001 because of security issues, after fundamentalist Islamist groups called for a ban on these beauty pageants.

2005: Lux Channel i Supertstar rose to fill the vaccum. It has been soldiering on ever since. The winner gets to play the female lead in a Bangladeshi feature film. It remains Bangladesh’s main national beauty contest.

2007: Bidya Sinha Saha Mim, later a model and actress in Bangladesh, won the Lux Channel i Supertstar contest.

The Queens

1994: Anika Taher.

1995: Yasmin Bilkis Sathi.

1996: Rehnuma Dilruba Chitra.

1998: Shaila Simi ( 1st Tibbet [sic] Miss Ruposhi Dhaka and Miss Banglaesh for the year).(Did not represent Bangladesh at any official international contest)

1998: Monika Parvin Prity (1st Tibbet Miss Ruposhi Rajshahi). (Did not represent Bangladesh at any official international contest)

1999: Tania Rahman Tonni.

2000: Sonia Gazi.

2001: Tabassum Ferdous Shaon.

2007: Jannatul Ferdous Peya represented Bangladesh (and even India!) at relatively minor international contests, but easily the most successful Bangladeshi beauty queen and model ever.

2011: Yamin Haque Boby represented Bangladesh at Miss Asia Pacific.

2017: Jannatul Nayeem (‘Biker’) Avril: Miss World Bangladesh. Avril turned out to have been married. There, she was replaced by Jessia Islam. (Details in Miss Bangladesh, 2017)

In the international arena

Only the following have represented Miss Bangladesh at Miss World:

1994 Anika Taher

1995 Yasmin Bilkis Sathi

1996 Rhenuma Dilruba

1999 Tania Rahman Tonni

2000 Sonia Gazi

2001 Tabassum Ferdous Shaon

Bangladesh has never been represented at Miss Universe.


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