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Jessia Islam, Miss Bangladesh, 2017

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The finale

Venue: International Convention City, Bashundhara’s Nabaratri Hall

Date: Friday 29 Sept 2017

The queens

The dethroned queen Jannatul Nayeem Avril in a pool

Jessia Islam: Miss World Bangladesh 2017 (originally the first runner up)

Jannatul Sumaiya Himi: second runner up

Jannatul Nayeem (‘Biker’) Avril: Was first declared Miss World Bangladesh 2017 but was dethroned five days later when it was discovered that she had been married

Top 10

Jessia Islam, Miss Bangladesh, 2017

The remaining seven of the top 10 were-

Rukaiya Jahan Chamak

Zara Mitu

Sadiya Iman

Touhida Tasnim Tifa

Miftahul Jannat

Sanchita Rani Dutta

Farhana Zaman Tandra.


Jessia Islam, Miss Bangladesh, 2017

Fashion designer Bibi Russel

magician Jewel Aich

actress Shampa Reza

photographer Chanchal Mahmud

corporate personality Rubaba Dowla Matin

ICT personality Sonia Kabir


Antar Showbiz and Omikon Entertainment were. jointly, the Bangladesh franchisees of Miss World.

Reactions in Bangladesh (to Avril's original victory)

Biker Avril crowned Miss World Bangladesh| September 30, 2017 | Dhaka Tribune


Mashruk Asad: ‘I'm a thousand percent sure that she barely can communicate or deal anything perfectly on her own without any guides! This is my country. Shame on the tasteless and cheap judges who made this decision.’

Akrom Miah: ‘Who ever choose her to represent Bangladesh at MISS WORLD WRONG!! WRONG!!! DECISION, I AM SORRY! First of all her answer is so C***/FAKE, 'I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD WITH MY BEAUTY & BRAIN'????? How is she going to do this?????? by her self????? and how can u change the world with beauty & brain’

Foyşal Bokãul: ‘🙈🙈She is going to represent Bangladesh by wearing Bikini & Silly dress’

Biker Avril, the dethroned queen

Srabon Barsha: ‘Cool and tomboyish !! :)’ (One positive comment)

Nafi Khan: ‘All bikers are braindead. No, this is not a terrible generalization.’


Jannatul Sumaiya Himi is an upcoming actress; hence her popularity on the Internet

Asif Rabbany: ‘😂😂 Himi was far far better than her.... Sorry for her.... Sorry for Bangladesh :)’

Nazli Humaira: ‘She won the title by the choice of the organizer. judges' choice were different..’

Alif Ahmed: ‘I just heard that the winner was selected by organiser not by the judges, is it true??’

Anwer Pervez: ‘Fake winner. She did something to change the result.’

Richie Rahman · Helsinki: ‘Heme was wrongly announced the winner. Although who deserved to win it is another thing entirely.’

Razwan Abdullah: ‘Initial winner was supposed to be 1st runnerup and vice versa’

Prothom Alo’s report on the rumours

Jannatul Nayeem Avril, the dethroned queen

Monzur Kader | Miss World Bangladesh controversy and Sheena Chohan's stand | Rewritten in English by Imam Hossain | Oct 01, 2017| Prothom Alo

Indian actress Sheena Chohan, who anchored Miss World Bangladesh 2017, said on Sunday she had announced the name provided by the organisers.

Sheena, during the programme on Friday, announced Himi as the winner of the contest. One of the organisers immediately took the stage and told audience that Sheena made a mistake announcing the winner as the anchor could not understand Bangla.

Not only that, the organiser then declared Jannatul Nayeem as the winner and Bibi Russell crowned her as Miss Bangladesh 2017.

Since Saturday, the judges have started alleging Jannatul Nayeem was not on their list as the winner. Instead, they picked Jessia Islam as the champion but she was announced first runner-up.

In a conversation with Prothom Alo, Sheena Chohan said, "I want to say clearly that I announced the name I was provided by the organisers."

…and then bigger bombshells: Miss turns out to be Mrs.

Miss World Bangladesh turns out to be Mrs | October 02, 2017| Dhaka Tribune, Miss World Bangladesh conundrum | October 02, 2017| Dhaka Tribune

Controversy puts Antar Showbiz and Omikon Entertainment, hosts of ‘Lovello Miss World Bangladesh 2017’ in a sensitive position

Marriage controversy

L-R: Mohammad Monzur Uddina, his wife Jannatul Nayeem (the dethroned queen), and her mother at the couple’s wedding ceremony

News reports confirmed that Avril’s marriage certificate was found from a Kazi office at her hometown Chandanaish upazila in Chittagong. Her marriage certificate states that she was married to Chandanaish area’s Mohammad Monzur Ahmed, owner of a clothing store. The denmohor for the marriage was Tk8 lakh. She passed her SSC from Chandanaish’s Borma Trahimenka High School in 2013. She got married to Monzur Ahmed in March of the same year. Later on, they mutually signed for a divorce in June. Monzur told the press that Jannatul was a fraud and he hopes that no man ever gets cheated on by her again, like he was.

Judges’ marks leaked

It has been alleged that the results were altered by the show authorities to make Jannatul Nayeem the winner of Miss World Bangladesh 2017. Sources have confirmed that Jannatul Nayeem Avril wasn’t the first choice of the judges, rather she was behind the other contestants according to the marks given by the judges.

By Sonia Kabir’s marking Avril secured the second place. But by Rubaba Dowla’s marks, Avril was placed in the 7th position. Other judges were Fashion designer Bibi Russel, illusionist Jewel Aich, actress Shampa Reza and photographer Chanchal Mahmood. All of this was revealed after the mark sheet by these judges were leaked.

Avril’s name was not announced by the host

Host Sheena Chohan first announced the name of Jannatul Sumaiya Himi as the winner. She also announced the name of Jannatul Nayeem Avril and Jesia Islam as the first and second runners up. But the confusion ensued when the chairman of Antar Showbiz took the mike from Chohan and announced that there was a misunderstanding with the names and the winner is actually Jannatul Nayeem Avril. He then amended the names of first and second runners up, who were Jessia Islam and Jannatul Sumaiya Himi respectively. When Sheena Chohan was asked about the blunder, she said, “I wasn’t given any mark sheet. I announced the names the way I was told according to the marks given by the judges. If any mistakes were made, it’s on the authority, not on me.”

Bibi Russell’s reaction

Avril, the winner, was then crowned by renowned fashion designer Bibi Russell, who later said to a source, “The results reflected my decisions because the way I gave marks, Jannatul Nayeem Avril stood as the winner and the first and second runners up were Jessia Islam and Jannatul Sunaiya Himi, that’s exactly what happened.”

Organisers clarify

Antar Showbiz chairperson Swapan Chowdhury pointed out in his statement that both the participants’ name started with “Jannatul”, which is probably what created the confusion in the first place. “Because of the live telecast, we were suddenly informed that we have only a few minutes left in our allotment. So we had to hurry up. The announcer Sheena Chohan handled everything perfectly except the name announcement, same thing happened at the Oscars as well. But we sincerely apologise for this mistake,” said Swapan Chowdhury.

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