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L-R: Lorraine Rose, Swaroop Sampat, Smita Tharoor
Raina Mendonca at a press conference at the Royal Albert Hall in London just before the Miss World contest for 1979

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Miss India winners: 1979

Femina Miss India 1979 Femina Miss India 1979, also Miss Bombay

First runner-up Smita Tharoor of Calcutta

Second runner-up Lorraine Rose of Bombay

Miss India: Raina Winifred Mendonca represented India at Miss World 1979 as MISS INDIA. See note below.

In one source there is a reference to Ruhel from Bangladesh [???]

Swaroop Sampat

Miss India 1979: She starred in the many popular television serials like Yeh joh hai jindagi , and launched her career as an actress. She leads a happy married life with Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal and is associated with theatre industry. Swaroop went on to obtain a Ph.D in Education and works with children who have special needs, even teaching them acting. She was last seen in Bollywood film Saathiya in 2002.

In 1979, when Swaroop Sampat was preparing for the Miss Universe pageant (after winning the Miss India crown), she did not have the luxury to flaunt a designer gown on stage; instead, she wore a sequined chiffon saree with a halter blouse sent by her mother during the National Costume challenge.

Raina Winifred Mendonca

Several sites (e.g. Yahoo, Oocities, Wikipedia) state that Raina Winifred Mendonca was the first runner up at Miss India 1979.

On receipt of a complaint from one of the contestants of that pageant, Indpaedia checked with Bennet Coleman’s Times Content site. Indeed, Raina’s name did not figure among the top three. Perhaps she was a runner up (more likely, a winner) in some parallel Miss India contest.

Raina Mendonca certainly represented India as Miss India at Miss World 1979 in London, from a press conference of which Indpaedia’s volunteers have extracted the extremely rare picture of Raina that we see on this page.

Could Raina have won the 1978 contest but participated only the next year? Indpaedia’s own data bank indicates that this did not happen. Could she have won a pageant organised by an organisation other than Femina? This, too, is unlikely because by 1976 Femina had started sending representative to Miss World. Eve’s Weekly had switched to Miss International. So, Raina was India’s representative, but perhaps chosen at a contest other than the one that Swaroop won.

An authentic source has recorded that Raina was ‘Top 10 Photographer’s choice’ (presumably at the Miss World contest).

Nita Pinto

1979 India’s representative for Miss International, selected by Eve’s Weekly Nita Pinto

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