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Reita Faria
Reita Faria
Yasmin Daji
Yasmin Daji

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It was in 1966 that an Indian first won a major international beauty crown.

Miss India (Universe) - Yasmin Daji, third runner up Miss Universe, 1966

Miss India (World)- Reita Faria, Miss World, 1966-- Eve's Weekly Miss India 1966

Yasmin Daji

Yasmin Daji
Yasmin Daji3 extreme right

3rd runner-up, Miss Universe, Miss India 1966: Then 19, Yasmin, a medical student from Delhi, not only won the Miss India crown but also went to be the runner-up at the Miss Universe contest later that year. She returned home and completed her studies. Today, Yasmin is happily married and settled in New York.

Miss India (Universe) - Yasmin Daji, third runner up Miss Universe, 1966

Reita Faria

Reita Faria entertains US Troops in Vietnam along with Bob Hope
Reita Faria
Reita Faria
Reita Faria
Reita Faria
Reita Faria, with husband David Powell
Reita Faria
Reita Faria with 'randomly selected' sailor Gerald Hampton

Miss India (World)- Reita Faria

Miss World 1966

This young medical student from Mumbai created history in 1966 by becoming the first Indian, indeed,the first Asian, to be crowned Miss World. After enjoying a year of fame, she quit modeling and decided to concentrate more on her medical studies and eventually became a doctor. She married to David Powell, Reita now lives in Dublin, Ireland. She is a mother of two girls and is a grandmother now. Reita was invited to participate in the 25th and 50th anniversaries of the Miss World contest

Reita Faria born Bombay was the first Indian woman to win the Miss World title in 1966. She made the whole world sit up and look at India. By winning the crown, she showed the way for later competitors and gave them a confidence that they can take the world by storm.

Miss World 1966 [First Asian Winner]

Best Body Award

Best in Evening Dress Award for wearing Sari

On board USS-Bennington

On 26 Dec 1966 comedian Bob Hope and Faria went to the ship USS-Bennington to entertain US sailors.

Gerald Hampton, a sailor, had the privilege of being the sailor who was picked at "random" to come up and crack jokes with world famous comedian Bob Hope and sing a song to Miss World, Reita Faria. Faria and Hope were there to entertain the American sailors. Of course, as Hampton later admitted, it all was rehearsed and planned in advance. He had rehearsed with Bob and his assistant the day before the show.

Gerald Hampton was "planted" in the audience out in front by Hope’s assistant, and he was supposed to tell Bob where he was. Well, apparently the assistant forgot to tell Hope, because when Bob Hope announced, "Who would like to come up and sing a song to Miss World," 5,000 hands went up. He was then supposed to look down at me and pick me out to come up. Well, after looking around for a moment, Gerald Hampton heard him say, "Where the hell are you!" Hampton realized then that he didn't know where he was. At that time, Hampton jumped up, and went on stage, with about 3 other guys. After Hope saw Hampton, he told the other fellows to leave. It was that little mix-up that kept Hampton’s scene with Bob Hope and Miss World out of the TV version back home.

(Adapted from USS-Bennington)


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