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The swimsuit round in 2018 was restricted to Miss India Universe/ Diva 2018. There was no swimsuit round for the Miss India World contest.

Some of the rare pictures, facts and anecdotes used in this series were sent in by the beauty queens themselves or by their friends, as messages to the Facebook community Indpaedia.com. Information/ pictures that do not lower the dignity of our beauty queens will be acknowledged in the sender's name.

Readers can also send text and photographs about regional/ diaspora/ college beauty contests. (Example Miss Wokha, Miss Tokhu).


How you can help

You will enrich this page further if you could help us get the names of the photographers who shot these nice pictures (with a hyperlink to a site proving this)

Secondly, Indpaedia will record on this page the names of the three top winners from each state, if you send hyperlinks to high quality, daylight photographs of the winners (not pictures taken with artificial light on the stage).


All information on this page is courtesy: BCCL/ The Times of India group/ Indiatimes.com/ Femina/ fbb./ Colors © BCCL 2018

Andhra Pradesh Shreya Rao Kamavarapu Miss India finalist, 2018
Osin Mosu Arunachal Pradesh Miss India finalist, 2018
Assam Sunaina Kamath Miss India finalist, 2018
Bhavna Jain Bihar Miss India finalist, 2018
Spandana Palli Chhattisgarh Miss India finalist, 2018
Gayatri Bhardwaj Delhi Miss India finalist, 2018
Aashna Gurav Goa Miss India finalist, 2018
Anushka Luhar Gujarat Miss India finalist, 2018
Meenakshi Chaudhary Haryana Miss India finalist, 2018
Swattee Thakur Himachal Pradesh Miss India finalist, 2018
Malika Kapoor Jammu and Kashmir Miss India finalist, 2018
Stefy Patel Jharkhand Miss India finalist, 2018
Karnataka Bhavana Durgam Miss India finalist, 2018
Mekhana Shajan Kerala Miss India finalist, 2018
Meena Ahir Madhya Pradesh Miss India finalist, 2018
Maharashtra Mehak Punjabi Miss India finalist, 2018
Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia Manipur Miss India finalist, 2018
Mary Khyriem Meghalaya Miss India finalist, 2018
Lily Lalremkimi Darnei Mizoram Miss India finalist, 2018
Ruopfüzhano Whiso Nagaland Miss India finalist, 2018
Shrutiksha Nayak Odisha Miss India finalist, 2018
Anna Kler Punjab Miss India finalist, 2018
Nikita Soni Rajasthan Miss India finalist, 2018
Sikkim Parmila Chhetri Miss India finalist, 2018
Anukreethy Vas Tamil Nadu Miss India finalist, 2018
Kamakshi Bhaskarla Telangana Miss India finalist, 2018
Mamita Debbarma Tripura Miss India finalist, 2018
Himanshi Uttar Pradesh Miss India finalist, 2018
Uttarakhand Sumita Bhandari Miss India finalist, 2018
West Bengal Prarthana Sarkar Miss India finalist, 2018

The regional queens

Andhra Pradesh Shreya Rao Kamavarapu

State Winner: Andhra Pradesh

School: Chirec Public School, Hyderabad

College: Vaishnavi School of Architechture & planning, Hyderabad

Profession: Architect

Interests: Music addict, Dance lover, Fitness freak, An amteur artist, State level Basket ball and Throwback player

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Andhra Pradesh 2018

Favourite quote: Success is a journey, not a destination” - Arthur Ashe

Arunachal Pradesh Osin Mosu

State Winner: Arunachal Pradesh

School: Arunachal Pradesh Public School, and Nehru Memorial Higher Secondary School.

College: Union Christian College, Meghalaya

Profession: Student

Interests: Cooking, listening to music, spending quality time with my ownself.

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Arunachal Pradesh

Favourite quote: “Your future is created by what you do today not tomorrow.”

Assam Sunaina Kamath

State Winner: Assam

School: Faculty Higher Secondary School

College: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Profession: Model and Actor

Interests: Dance, Travel, Fitness

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Assam 2018

Favourite quote: Don't go through life, but grow through life.

Bihar Bhavna Jain

State Winner: Bihar

School: Jain International Residential School, Bangalore

College: Pearl Academy, Delhi

Profession: Roller Hockey player and a budding fashion designer

Interests: Sketching, Skating, and Meeting new people

Crowned: fbb Campus Princess 2018 finalist

Favourite quote: The tree which bends survives the storm.

Chhattisgarh Spandana Palli

State Winner: Chhattisgarh

School: Kendriya Vidyalaya

College: Amity University

Profession: Model

Interests: Dancing, Acting, Playing Volleyball

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Chhattisgarh 2018

Favourite quote: If you can't stop thinking about it then work for it.

Delhi Gayatri Bhardwaj

State Winner: Delhi

School: Modern School Barakhamba Road, New Delhi.

College: Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College, Pune.

Profession: Dentist

Interests: Bharatnatyam, Singing, and Playing football

Crowned: fbb Campus Princess 2018 finalist

Favourite quote: Between yesterday’s failures and tomorrow’s hopes, there’s a fantastic opportunity called today.”

Goa Aashna Gurav

State Winner: Goa

School: R. N. Shah High School, Juhu

College: Manipal School of Communication, Manipal University

Profession: Media professional and model

Interests: Singing, Public Speaking, Travelling

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Goa 2018

Favourite quote: Magic happens when you don’t give up. The Universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.

Gujarat Anushka Luhar

State Winner: Gujarat

School: Navrachana International, Vadodara

College: MSU, Vadodara

Profession: Student/Future researcher

Interests: Dancing, Watching a lot of movies, Sports, Adventures like camping or trekking, Spending time with my pet and Reading books

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Gujarat 2018

Favourite quote: I didn't come this far, to only come this far.

Haryana Meenakshi Chaudhary

State Winner: Haryana

School: St. Soldier's Convent School

College: National Dental College and Hospital

Profession: Student

Interests: Swimming and Reading

Crowned: fbb Campus Princess 2018 finalist

Favourite quote: Everything is possible if only you believe.

Himachal Pradesh Swattee Thakur

State Winner: Himachal Pradesh

School: Vishudha Public Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh

College: CGC Landran, Punjab

Profession: Student

Interests: Acting, Singing, and Dancing

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Himachal Pradesh 2018

Favourite quote: Guts over fear

Jammu and Kashmir Malika Kapoor

State Winner: Jammu and Kashmir

School: Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School

College: Chitkara University

Profession: Engineer

Interests: Cooking, travelling, and outdoor sports.

Crowned: Jayanthi Ballal's Best Film Face 2018

Favourite quote: - Dilon Mein Tum Apni Betaabiyan Leke Chal Rahe Ho Toh Zinda Ho Tum, Nazar Mein Khwabon Ki Bijliyan Leke Chal Rahe Ho Toh Zinda Ho Tum.

Jharkhand Stefy Patel

State Winner: Jharkhand

School: Mount Carmel , Dav Public School, Hazaribagh

College: Dyal Singh College, Delhi University

Profession: Student

Interests: Dancing, Acting, Bike Riding

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Jharkhand 2018

Favourite quote: The biggest courage one can have in life is the courage to dream big

Karnataka Bhavana Durgam

State Winner: Karnataka

School: Baldwin Girls High School, Banghalore

College: BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore

Profession: Student

Interests: Teaching, Reading, Singing

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Karnataka 2018

Favourite quote: The best thing to hold onto life is each other. – Audrey Hepburn

Kerala Mekhana Shajan

State Winner: Kerala

School: St Paul's International School

College: Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology

Profession: Student

Interests: Dancing, Modelling and Travelling

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Kerala 2018

Favourite quote: When you truly want something and work for it without limiting yourself with disbelief, the universe will make it happen for you.

Madhya Pradesh Meena Ahir

State Winner: Madhya Pradesh

School: Old Kampala Primary School Uganda.

College: Suman Education Society.

Profession: Model

Interests: Modelling and Reading

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Madhya Pradesh 2018

Favourite quote: I believe everything happens for a reason and for the greater good.

Maharashtra Mehak Punjabi

State Winner: Maharashtra

School: Jankidevi School

College: RD National

Profession: Student

Interests: Acting , Dancing,Travelling and Reading

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Maharashtra 2018

Favourite quote: Choose a job that you’ll love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Manipur Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia

State Winner: Manipur

School: St. Mark’s Sr. Sec. Public School, Meera Bagh, New Delhi

College: Army Institute of Law, Mohali

Profession: Student

Interests: Theatre and Swimming

Crowned: fbb Campus Princess 2018 finalist

Favourite quote: “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved.”

Meghalaya Mary Khyriem

State Winner: Meghalaya

School: Loreto Convent

College: St. Anthony's College

Profession: Student

Interests: Singing, Travelling and Encountering new adventures

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Meghalaya 2018

Favourite quote: A generous heart, a kind speech and a life of service and compassion are the two things that renew humanity

Mizoram Lily Lalremkimi Darnei

State Winner: Mizoram

School: St. Agnes' Convent School, Haflong

College: St. Agnes' Convent School, Haflong

Profession: Student

Interests: Singing and Dancing

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Mizoram 2018

Favourite quote: Don't let the fear of falling keep you from flying

Nagaland Ruopfüzhano Whiso

State Winner: Nagaland

School: Little Flower Higher Secondary School

Profession: Student

Interests: Reading and Writing Books

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Nagaland 2018

Favourite quote: The arc toward the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice

Odisha Shrutiksha Nayak

State Winner: Odisha

School: Delhi Public School Kalinga

College: KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

Profession: Student and Fitness Trainer

Interests: Dancing, Working out, Upgrading the society.

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Odisha 2018

Favourite quote: The survival of the fittest

Punjab Anna Kler

State Winner: Punjab

School: St. Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana, Punjab

College: University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Profession: Product Designer

Interests: Listening to shayari, music, Travelling, Tree climbing, Playing with my dogs, Being outside in nature.

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Punjab 2018

Favourite quote: What if you fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?

Rajasthan Nikita Soni

State Winner: Rajasthan

School: St Raphael’s H.S School, Indore

College: INIFD Indore

Interests: Painting, Dancing, and meeting new people

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Rajasthan 2018

Favourite quote: No matter how your heart is grieving , if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.

Sikkim Parmila Chhetri

State Winner: Sikkim

School: Sang Senior Secondary School, Sangkhola, East Sikkim

College: Sikkim Government College, Tadong

Profession: Front Office Executive at ITC Hotel, Gangtok

Interests: Dancing, Swimming, Cooking, and Indulging in adventurous activities

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Sikkim 2018

Favourite quote: Believe in yourself and everything will fall in place. Have faith in your abilities and work hard, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish.

Tamil Nadu Anukreethy Vas

State Winner: Tamil Nadu

School: RSK Higher Secondary School

College: Loyola college

Profession: Student, Model, Actor

Interests: Dancing, Acting, Modelling, Being in front of the camera

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Tamil Nadu 2018

Favourite quote: The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. So be the best version of yourself everyday.

Telangana Kamakshi Bhaskarla

State Winner: Telangana

School: Brilliant Grammar High School

College: Guangxi Medical University

Profession: Medical Graduate (MBBS)

Interests: Reading books, Dancing, Spending time with children, Travelling

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Telangana 2018

Favourite quote: Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.

Tripura Mamita Debbarma

State Winner: Tripura

School: St. Xavier’s High School, and St. Andre High School.

College: Tripura Institute of Technology, and Gulzar Group of Institute

Profession: Student

Interests: Singing

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India Tripura 2018

Favourite quote: Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open to you.

Uttarakhand Sumita Bhandari

State Winner: Uttarakhand

School: Angels public School Delhi

College: NIFT Kolkata

Profession: Student

Interests: Sketching, Dancing, and Travelling

Crowned: fbb Campus Princess 2018 finalist

Favourite quote: “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful that will be my life.”

Uttar Pradesh Himanshi

State Winner: Uttar Pradesh

School: Dav Public School Sreshtha Vihar, Delhi

College: Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research

Profession: Student

Interests: Yoga, Dancing, and Acting.

Crowned: fbb Campus Princess 2018 finalist

Favourite quote: what you truly aspire and work hard for, is what you truly achieve.

West Bengal Prarthana Sarkar

State Winner: West Bengal

School: Army Public School, Kolkata

College: : St Xavier's college, Kolkata

Profession: Student

Interests: Painting, Writing, Reading, Singing, Blogging, Horse riding, and Trekking.

Crowned: fbb Colors Femina Miss India West Bengal 2018

Favourite quote: Just Like the morning sun, keep on rising till the sky knows your name

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