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Miss India winners: 1999

Miss India Universe 1999 - Gul Panag

Miss India World - Yukta Mookhey Miss World, 1999

Miss India Asia Pacific - Shivangi Parikh

Representative at Miss International - Srikrupa Murali

Gul Panag

Sixth place/ Semi Finalist at Miss Universe 1999

Gul Panag was born on January 3rd, 1979 in Chandigarh, India. She has tremendous faith in herself. After obtaining a doctorate in developmental economics she entered the media, inspired by her newsreader aunt, Komal G B Singh. She is now an actress in Bollywood. Gul is married to Gurshinder Singh (Rishi) Attari, a commercial pilot. She has made nine movies since 2003, her first being Dhoop.

Gul Panag

Gul Panag won the Miss India title in 1999, and was crowned Miss Beautiful Smile at the same pageant. Gul too tried her luck in films and her role of an independent Muslim woman in Nagesh Kukunoor's film 'Dor' (2006) was acclaimed critically.

Yukta Mookhey

Yukta Mookhey

Miss India World 1999


Asia & Oceania’s Queen of Beauty Award

This 5'11 tall brunette took London's Olympia theatre by storm and was crowned Miss World in 1999. Yukta Mookhey did a few films before settling down with Prince Tuli.

Yukta Mookhey was born 7 October 1978. Mookhey's family is from northern India, but she and her family lived in the Middle East until Mookhey was seven years of age. The Mookhey family migrated back to Mumbai in June 1986.

Yukta Mookhey- Miss World 1999: Born in Mumbai, the dream of Yukta Mookhey was to win the beauty pageant. Her hopes became brighter when she watched Sushmita Sen win the Miss Universe title. Though Yukta too tried her luck at Bollywood but ultimately she failed to make a place there amid the galaxy of stars.

Her serenity and calm shone throughout the pageant. This 5ft 11in tall brunette took London's Olympia theatre by storm and was crowned Miss World. Yukta Mookhey did a few films before settling down with Prince Tuli. She now has a baby boy.

The first film Yukta Mookhey: Miss World 1999 signed was ‘Poovellam Un Vaasam’ in Tamil opposite Ajith. But the 5’11′ tall brunette didn’t have it in her. So she was packed off after a song. You can see Yukta in the song ‘Yuktha Muki Yuktha Muki Neethana’ with Ajith. Yukta Mookhey was a non-starter even in Bollywood.

Trouble in paradise

In 2008, Mookhey married Tuli whose family has a transport and hospitality business in Nagpur. She separated from him and started staying with her parents and her then three year-old son since 2012.

In June 2012, the actress submitted a written application alleging harassment and dowry harassment after which police had conducted a preliminary inquiry. But no FIR was registered and later, she had told the cops not to take any action. In 2013 she filed a dowry harassment case against her husband Prince Tuli. The case was filed at Amboli police station. Times of India2013/07/06

A few weeks later she added more allegations: that her husband had had ‘unnatural sex,’ as defined in Sec 377 of the IPC, with her (later specified as ‘sodomy’). She further alleged that husband ‘Tuli had some "inappropriate" videos of [her], which need to be seized, as he was threatening to leak them.’

Tuli had earlier alleged that Mookhey had left with Rs 35 lakh in cash. Her lawyer Irani, however said, "Who keeps that kind of cash at home?"Times of India

A mediation was ordered. In 2014 the Bombay high court accepted the mediator's report. The Times of India

Mookhey and Tuli agreed to mutually part ways. Mookhey got her son's custody for which she did not take any alimony from Tuli. The criminal case against Tuli also got dropped and so did the divorce case filed by Tuli.


Leggy beauty Yukta is an active member of the BJP

Shivangi Parikh

Shivangi Parikh

Miss India Asia Pacific -

The stage was not new for Shivangi who was a professional model and had done a few music videos. And yet, she could not help feeling the 'butterflies in her stomach' as she answered the final question which won her the crown. She comperes a lot of shows and is a successful ramp model.

Srikrupa Murali

Representative at Miss International

Srikrupa Murali

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